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Re / Genesis HRT - The Experts in Bio-Identical Hormone and Testosterone Replacement

ReGenesis HRT offers testosterone replacement therapy for men who are looking to restore their body's testosterone to healthy, youthful levels. ReGenesis HRT patients are thoroughly tested prior to treatment, by our qualified and licensed medical staff. A customized blend of ReGenesis HRT is developed specifically with your needs in mind, and we do all of this while remaining safe, affordable, and confidential. Hormone replacement therapy, also known as H.R.T., is a treatment for men who suffer from low testosterone. Testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissue as well as general body wellness. To help with conditions like decreased muscle mass, bone mass, burning of body fat, maintaining the nervous system, and decreased sex drive, call Regenesis HRT for a free consultation.

Which Hormone Replacement Therapy is Right For You?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men have you experienced a decreased muscle tone and strength or decreased libido or even erectile dysfunction? There are treatments available for your symptoms. Don't gamble your health and freedom on illegal and unregulated steroids and growth hormones (HGH). Take the "Do I Have Low T?" questionnaire to see if testosterone therapy is right for you.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement:

Women would you like to look and feel young again? If you've experienced hair loss or thinning hair, low libido, brittle or broken nails, unexplained weight gain, or have trouble staying asleep you may be suffering from an age induced hormonal imbalance. Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy may help ease and even improve these symptoms.

Sermorelin Hormone Therapy

Human growth hormone or HGH was synthesized in the mid 1980's and approved by the FDA to treat children and adults with HGH deficiency and similar hormonal disorders. HGH is often abused, being illegally acquired over the internet, promising great well being and perpetual youth. Sermorelin is a physician administered prescription FDA approved therapy.

ReGenesis HRT Executive Staff

Marc Roup

Marc D. Roup

Marc D. Roup is a Co-Founder and CEO of MedTech Health care Group, which was started in August, 2006. MedTech is a PA State licensed outpatient medically assisted treatment facility for opiate addicted patients, with facilities in Westmoreland and Indiana Counties...

Matt Cestra

Matthew Cestra

Matthew Cestra is a co-founder and CEO of ReGenesis HRT. Having worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry over the past 20 years, in sales and marketing roles of increasing responsibility, culminating in his latest role as Vice President of Marketing for the largest US...