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Have You Experienced:
Rough or Bumpy Skin
Hair Thinning or Loss
Brittle & Breaking Nails
Trouble Staying Asleep
Lack Of Concentration
Low Libido
Unexplained Weight Gain
Loss Of Muscular Tone

What is HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)?

Learn More About "HRT"

Hormone replacement therapy allows both men and women to replenish the vital hormones our bodies need, in order to function properly and feel emotionally and physically healthy.

Recipients of hormone therapy report that they feel younger, stronger, sexier and healthier. Clinical research shows that in men hormone replacement therapy not only increases sex drive and quality of erections, but acts as an antidepressant, improves sleep, mood and mental clarity, reduces abdominal fat and builds skeletal muscle. In women hormone replacement therapy has been used to treat the effects of menopause as well as prevent post-menopausal conditions.

Using a custom blend a physician creates for each individual, and based from the recommendations of laboratory testing, and our licensed medical staff, ReGenesis HRT utilizes bioidentical hormones to help each patient regain healthy hormone levels.

HRT Administered by Licensed Medical Professionals

ReGenesis HRT works with licensed medical professionals, who are educated and experienced in the science of hormone replacement therapy. Through testing and consultation, as well as counseling of a healthy lifestyle to include proper nutrition and fitness, ReGenesis HRT can create a custom blend used for each individual’s hormone replacement (HRT) regimen.

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